The Bitcoin Course

We created a free bitcoin course

Over the past couple years there has been an explosion of growth and innovation in the bitcoin space, but many people still don’t really understand what bitcoin is, or why it’s exciting to so many entrepreneurs and investors.

Draper University and Zapchain have come together with the goal of making an engaging bitcoin course for beginners. By making bitcoin more approachable, we hope to inspire people to innovate in the space, because bitcoin truly has transformative potential.

In this course we’ll teach you the fundamentals of bitcoin and introduce you to entrepreneurs who have been funded by tens of millions of dollars, the venture capitalists who back them, and some of the brightest engineers in Silicon Valley, all of who will give us their unique insights into how bitcoin can change the world.

The Format

An instructor will first teach each topic at a high level so that everyone can learn the basics regardless of their background. Then we will feature interviews with different experts in the field who will provide added depth to the subjects to facilitate the learning experience.

The Audience

If you’ve heard of bitcoin but still don’t quite understand what it is, or are interested in how new technology has the power to transform the financial industry today, then this course is definitely for you!

Thanks to all of our friends who helped make this course